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Hinges are still the most effective way of articulating a cabinet door. With 250 million hinges manufactured per year, FGV is the leading hinge manufacturer in Europe. The range covers all levels of requirement from the most basic to the most sophisticated. Recent innovations in terms of functionality like controlled movement of the door closing via dampening have added further end-user appeal for the FGV range. The Integrated Hinges are the latest solution for dampening doors in the FGV range. A SlowMotion linear damper hidden in the hinge arm offers effective and constant performance under all conditions. The MS Slide-On hinges represent the perfect synthesis between the functional needs and the value of the product.

An Affordable Solution
MS Slide-On hinges are an integral part of the hinge range of FGV, the world’s leading manufacturer – by volume – of quality hinges. Over 30 million cabinets are equipped year on year by this hinge range. One hundred million hinges are produced in Veduggio on the latest automatic equipment.

A Quality Solution
MS Slide-On hinges from FGV are easy to use. FGV’s hinges are certified to the highest quality standards in terms of performance and longevity and are guaranteed for 80,000 cycles during their lifetime. The range covers all applications, including corner solutions.


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